Playing Cards: The World's Deadliest Weapon
Playing cards: to some, a fun family game. To others: the deadliest weapon known to man.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

  • starlight


  • Reilly Cunningham
    Reilly Cunningham

    4:12 idk why im getting such big katya vibes from ethan

  • Krista Bemis
    Krista Bemis

    Mark: *Holding Hooked on Phonics cards* "People can kill people with these things. They're like ninja stars." Me: *Flashback to watching Sometimes They Come Back... Again* "Yaaaaaaa, but I think that scene would have been more hilarious if they used Hooked on Phonics cards."

  • Steven Murillo
    Steven Murillo

    Unus Annus

  • baki baki
    baki baki

    only if hisoka was there to help🙄🥱

  • Myles

    3 year olds when they want a Banana: 16:08 3 year olds when they finally get the Banana: 16:23

  • Mauve Dragon Tiddies
    Mauve Dragon Tiddies

    I absolutely love how much use they get out of the Hooked on Phonics stuff, it just keeps appearing in their videos. Genius move, I must say. where's the sponsorship?

  • Space Moth
    Space Moth

    Nobody: Eef throwing cards: "nya"

  • hereiamkillme01

    Watching this on my phone. Notification sound is the ticking of the clock. Mark, going to compliment Ethan: You... *tick, tick, tick, tick*

  • johnwayne87

    Mark definitely could have done this channel without Ethan. In fact, if Sean had taken Ethan’s place, I believe the channel would have been infinitely better.

  • Michael Midax
    Michael Midax

    I do be feeling a lil bad for Ethan when Mark get on him like he do. But it's like a mirror to me bcz I talked to my lil brother the same way a lot, & my lil sister. I love them more than me & the world but I was always joking on them & talking to them harshly/kinda talking down to them. My lil ones & my lady softened me up and I talk to & Express myself my feelings better & their still a bit emotionally shut off & they don't know how to recieve me not yelling/ fussing/ joking on them when they mess up, or don't see what I see,or they get something wrong. My sister has even told me how much how I'd treat her and speak to her & joke on her hurt feelings & would mess with her self confidence. Hearing Ethan saying how Mark puts him down at times hurts his feelings made me remember this. But Mark does praise Ethan a good bit time to time too, I've seen.

  • Jimbob_29

    The ending😂🍌🍌

  • KCjoules 18
    KCjoules 18

    Me thinking of hisoka from hunter x hunter like yeah they can be pretty deadly 😂😂

  • Lima Romeo
    Lima Romeo

    The Worl's Deadliest Weapon: Love

  • Kitsune

    This is my birthday episode lol

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck

    hisoka bring mark and eef back

  • Pandy the Panda
    Pandy the Panda

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Ethan: Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh

  • Ali Maghsoodi
    Ali Maghsoodi


  • Austina Taghon
    Austina Taghon

    Get amy a mic she deserves one and i wanna hear more of her

  • Curseius Gaming
    Curseius Gaming

    earthbound not being best memory? i call BS earthbound is like the best memory any true old school gamer has XD

  • Axton 1209
    Axton 1209

    This was the best birthday video

  • BriThePanda

    yaaaay birthday video!!! *Hisoka has entered the chat*

  • * Allie *
    * Allie *

    The sound Ethan makes near the end sounds like an npc that only has one voice line gets hurt

  • PePpA ?!?!?!
    PePpA ?!?!?!

    “People kill using cards” Hisoka: *sweats profusely*

  • Madison McK
    Madison McK

    Ah yes, the iconic Yu-Gi-Oh quote: "You've cum in my trap card" Also bad boi mode 10/10 would shadow realm again

  • Rachelle Adcock
    Rachelle Adcock

    Just listening to eef's "nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya

  • thrashmash

    7:19 That hurt my soul, Earthbound is my favorite game...

  • Koosha Mokhbery
    Koosha Mokhbery

    EEF CREATED HIMSELF😂😂love you two.

  • Kiara Barton
    Kiara Barton

    The voice in the tutorial video sounds so much like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

  • Owen Hall
    Owen Hall

    Went from unused annus ti BANANA real quick

  • Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe

    I’ve stuck cards in walls before and the guy in the vid they showed was doing it wrong. Your supposed to hold it horizontally and flick your wrist as you throw it giving rotation and stabilizing it. Look up Ricky smith jr.

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith


  • Nicholas Nicoletti
    Nicholas Nicoletti


  • buZZwig Van Roţțen
    buZZwig Van Roţțen

    The end of the video just devolved into 2 bad players using the same attack over and over again in smash; in sight, and sound!

  • Fayluna Melody
    Fayluna Melody

    Life is gonna be different when Unus Annus is gone :(

  • Antonio Rivas
    Antonio Rivas

    Rick Smith Jr gave a better description to throwing cards

  • jilly jello
    jilly jello

    this is just 2 idiots playing 22 card pick up

  • E Meme
    E Meme

    them saying banana repeatedly is everything

  • lil _k
    lil _k

    *Mark and Eef just saying banana over and over as they’re launching cards* Me: heh *b a n a n a*

  • Huntersolstice

    5:35 I think that's just called "setting" a card.